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Entry Level Courses (Level of Experience 1)
SSI Try Scuba (1 Day) €85 More Info…
SSI Scuba Diver Course E-Learning (2 Days)                                                                                              SSI upgrade online materials and Certification fee €55 €220 More Info…
SSI Open Water Diver Course E-learning (2 – 3 Days depending on group size and competence)

SSI upgrade online materials and Certification fee €85

€330 More Info…
Referrals & Upgrades
 SSI Scuba Diver Upgrade to Open Water Diver (remaining theory completion, confined water training and 2 open water qualification dives includes equipment) SSI upgrade online materials and Certification fee €30 €225 More Info…
SSI Open Water Referral- 4 open water qualification dives including equipment and SSI certification fee €255
 SSI Individual training dives to count towards Open Water qualification  €60 More Info…
Intermediate Diver Courses
SSI Advanced Adventurer (2 ½Days) €245 More Info…
More Info…
Level of Experience 2
SSI Speciality Diver: As a reward for attaining this level you are awarded this diver grade for free €0 More Info…
Specialty Courses
SSI Specialty dives for all courses are charge at a set rate per dive €53 More Info…
SSI Speciality Course Deep Diving  (3 dives) €150
SSI Speciality Course Enriched Air Nitrox ( Theory only) €80 More Info…
SSI Speciality Course Wreck Diving (2 dives) €100 More Info…
SSI Speciality Course Boat Diving ( 2 dives) €100
SSI Speciality Course Diving at Night Limited Visibility ( 2 dives) €150
SSI Speciality Digital Underwater Photography (2 dives) €125
SSI Speciality Course Search + Recovery ( 2 dives) €120
SSI Speciality Course Navigation (3 dives) €165
SSI Speciality Course Perfect Buoyancy (2 dives) €130
SSI Speciality Course Dry Suit Diving (1 confined + 2 dives) €160
Prices includes diving equipment and dive site transport. Speciality Course Kits which include Digital Training Material and Digital SSI Certification Card not included in the price. Cost of Speciality Course Kits is €60.00. Any specialities requiring additional equipment, accessories or costs ie digital camera, DPV, boat supplement,reels, slates etc other than standard scuba equipment will incur additional charges
Level of Experience 3
SSI Advanced Open Water More Info…
SSI Speciality Course Stress + Rescue (1 Day, 2 dives)  €
Level of Experience 4
SSI Master Diver More Info…
More Info…
More Info…
More Info…
Advanced Instructor – Price and information on application

Entry Level Courses

182479-Try Scuba Diving

SSI Try Scuba Diving

An SSI Dive Professional will teach you everything you need to know and under their guidance, you will learn the skills you need to enjoy this first experience underwater. 

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182459-Scuba Diver

SSI Scuba Diver Course

Scuba Diver is the perfect course for those who do not have time to complete an entire Open Water Diver Program.


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182443-Open Water DiverSSI Open Water Diver Course

SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure due to worldwide recognition! With personalized training and taking enough time, we make sure you are truly comfortable under water with the skills and equipment you will use.

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182395-Advanced Open Water Diver

SSI Advanced Adventurer

As an Open Water Diver you are eligible to take the next step and become an SSI Advanced Adventurer. You will complete a variety of 5 dives from 5 optional specialities which will allow you a chance to decide which of these specialities you might wish to complete.

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182409-Deep Diving

SSI Speciality Deep Diving

Many of the more exciting and intriguing dive sites are located in deeper water. Deep Diving program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to make these types of dives safely and comfortably.

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182418-Enriched Air Nitrox

SSI Speciality Enriched Air Nitrox

You no longer have to make a choice between safety and longer dive times – nitrox is the key. Enrolling in SSI´s most popular specialty program will teach you everything you need to know about Enriched Air Nitrox.

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182481-Wreck Diving

SSI Speciality Wreck Diving

These dives and exploring the past is exhilarating but there are some risks involved. With the proper training and knowledge you get all you need to have the “Ultimate Diving Experience.” Start exploring history and unknown sites!

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182401-Boat Diving

SSI Speciality Boat Diving

Boats allow you the opportunity to explore spectacular dive sites far from shore. This program covers the techniques necessary to dive properly from all sizes and types of boats.

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182442-Night & Limited Visibility

SSI Speciality Night & Limited Visibility

This program is filled with information about planning and conducting night and limited visibility dives for fun, adventure, and exploration.

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SSI Speciality Digital Underwater Photography


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182461-Search & Recovery

SSI Speciality Search & Recovery

Whether it’s the gold of a sunken ship or that your buddy lost his/her dive light. The Search and Recovery program will teach you different search patterns for use in various conditions and the proper techniques to lift objects.

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SSI Speciality Navigation

You will learn how to navigate with a compass, and how to apply natural navigation skills, estimate distances, navigate different search patterns, find your way to marking points, and be able to get back to the exit point.

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Perfect BuoyancySSI Speciality Perfect Buoyancy

Proper buoyancy control can only be mastered with proper training. The Perfect Buoyancy program will improve your swimming position and reduce your effort which will lead to less air consumption.

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SSI Computer Diving


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SSI Speciality Course Dry Suit Diving 

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SSI Speciality Course Equipment Techniques

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SSI Speciality Course Equipment Techniques

Your Total Diving System is like a buddy underwater who you need to be able to rely on at any time. You will learn about equipment selection best suited for you, care and maintenance of your equipment, and how to properly store it; to ensure performance and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

182415-Diver Stress & RescueSSI Diver Stress & Rescue

Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies. The Diver Stress & Rescue program will teach you about accident prevention and how to handle situations that might occur. You will learn how to avoid, recognize, and solve problems on the surface and underwater.


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182395-Advanced Open Water DiverSSI Advanced Open Water Diver

Once you have completed 4 Speciality Courses and have done 24 dives you will be awarded the certification level of SSI Advanced Open Water Diver  free of charge.

SSI Master Diver

SSI Dive Professional Levels

SSI Instructor Levels