General Information - Dive Sites

Malta has a wide and diverse range of dives sites to choose from including gentle reefs that slope away from 5 to 30 meters, caverns for the beginner to cut his or her teeth on as well as deeper and more adventurous options for the very experienced cave devotee. We must also not forget that we have some world class wreck diving in depths from 15 the 40 meters accessible from shore and boat so you do have to be a good sailor to get the most out of a visit to our islands.

Many of our divers return year after year once they have discovered the hidden gems that these islands can serve up to those who know where to look.

Our divers know that there is no substitute for experience and that is what we provide at Dive Deep Blue. Once they discover our center and sample our unique approach to safety and service they keep returning for more and also recommend us to their friends.