There are countless hotels to choose from dotted all over the Maltese Islands the standards of which vary dramatically.

We here at DIVE DEEP BLUE are in a position to offer you the benefit of local knowledge and can advise you on your selection by cutting through the brochure blurb.

At your request we will send you our hotel suggestions and put together a complete package holiday for you.

Whatever you decide we are always on hand to offer help and advice.

Self Catering

Many people prefer to do their own thing when travelling and do not like to be tied to the hotel time-table for meals etc.

For those of you that are more comfortable with a self catering option you will find that this to is readily available on the Maltese Islands.

Options range from a simple studio apartment for one or two, right up to villas or farm houses with or without a pool for a family or larger group.

Prices are very reasonable and once again DIVE DEEP BLUE is on hand to assist you with options, suggestions, help and advice.

Car Hire

As with all the services that we offer indirectly, we search for operators that will offer you the same dedication to service that we at DIVE DEEP BLUE pride ourselves on.

We can, if you decide to rent a vehicle during your visit to Malta, suggest the agency that we have used for many years and has provided our clients with a combination of competitive rates and, just as important, an excellent support service .

Once again you only have to request this service and we will spring into action on your behalf.