Technical Diving General Information

To ensure safety and service is never compromised technical diving requires a dedicated and separate approach. With this in mind we introduced “Deep Blue Tec Malta” so that we can offer quality technical diver training and support services to our divers. With expertise and experience gained over many years we know that trying to combine recreational and technical diving can create potential safety and service problems. Each of the two diving disciplines require a different approach and has it’s own particular requirements to enable divers to enjoy their chosen path.

DEEP BLUE TEC MALTA allows us to achieve this goal.

It demands considerable investment to offer this service in a safe and professional manner and were the first on the Maltese islands to set up a dedicated technical diving facility.
With a reputation for being able to deliver what we promise Deep Blue Tec Malta is now in a position to offer technical support at every level, visiting the many deeper dive sites located around the shores of  in Malta, Comino, Fifla and Gozo .

We are able to provide open circuit and CCR technical qualification courses offered by the worlds leading training agencies, TDI, BSAC, PADI .

In addition to this we provide technical diving support for technical dive groups, delivering an efficient, professional, value for money option with safety and service at the heart of the company philosophy .

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